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SMAP - Soil Moisture Active Passive - Mapping soil moisture and freeze/thaw state from Space
Notes from the Field - Week 4
July 5, 2012
Grant Wiseman
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Another hot and dry week here in southern Manitoba has us missing the rain just a little bit. We have experienced a very nice dry down cycle in weeks 3 and 4 after a wet up period initially in weeks 1 and 2. By all accounts this will contribute to a very informative and descriptive dataset.

Some sandy loam soils have approached zero volumetric moisture levels, while many clay soils remain high at 25 or 30 percent but it has become rather difficult to insert moisture probes. Even morning dew levels have subsided. Dare I say, “Let it rain?”

Field crews are well into their groove with many not requiring the use of GPSs or maps for navigation any longer. On a much-deserved scheduled down day some team members took in the Canada Day festivities and fireworks on July 1st at Assiniboine Park or The Forks.

We’re two thirds of the way through and going strong, looking forward to the home stretch!

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