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SMAP - Soil Moisture Active Passive - Mapping soil moisture and freeze/thaw state from Space
Applications Working Group (AppWG)

The SMAP Applications Working Group (AppWG) was formed to develop plans for SMAP applications and identify early adopters and future potential users of SMAP data. The working group has the following objectives:

  • Assess current applications benefits and requirements for SMAP products
  • Develop a community of end-users that understand SMAP capabilities and are interested in using SMAP products in their application
  • Target partners who can work with the SMAP project during the pre-launch period, particularly to assess impacts on their applications
  • Provide information about SMAP to the broad user community

SMAP AppWG activities are carried out mainly through public workshops, emails and telecons. The AppWG also takes advantage of member attendance at conferences such as AGU and IGARSS to meet in person when possible.

The working group has developed a SMAP Science Applications Plan, conducts applications workshops and tutorials, and coordinates engagement of SMAP Applications Early Adopters.


SMAP Science Applications Plan

Workshops and Tutorials

Applications Early Adopters

SMAP Data Products
SMAP mission data products will be archived and made available through one of the NASA Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs). The list of currently planned SMAP data products and data latencies is available on the Data Products page.

Working Group Sign-Up
To sign up for the working group and be placed on our email distribution list for information on working group activities, please send an email including your full name, institution, and contact information to:

Contact Information
For further information on working group activities please contact:

Dr. Susan Moran
SMAP/SDT Applications Working Group Lead
USDA ARS Southwest Watershed Research Center
Tucson, AZ, USA
Tel: (520) 670-6380 x171

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