December 6, 2015


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SMAP will be conducting field campaigns during the summer of 2016 (SMAPVEX16); one in Iowa (South Fork) and the other in Manitoba Canada (Carman). Both of these are focused on agricultural domains. Some basic components have been defined based upon needs identified by the SMAP project. However, there is some flexibility in design based upon suggestions and collaboration from the broader science community.

The planning for these domains will be split and we are ready to start the process for the Iowa campaign by establishing links with participants and collaborators. It is critical that we identify these soon. Therefore, we will conduct a Webex briefing on December 7 at noon Pacific Standard Time. During this briefing we will present information on the SMAP objectives, the existing infrastructure of the South Fork Core Validation Site, and the aircraft instrument PALS.

We hope you can attend and collaborate.

We will send the teleconference details to those registered.

Thomas J. Jackson
USDA ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Lab

Andreas Colliander
Jet Propulsion Laboratory