The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment Program (GLOBE) is encouraging teachers interested in free Earth system Science teaching and learning resources to visit GLOBE. GLOBE is an international science and education program that connects a network of teachers, students and scientists from around the world to better understand, sustain and improve Earth’s environment at local, regional and global scales. The Program receives funding from NASA, NOAA and NSF and makes a variety of engaging, interactive, hands-on learning activities available across a variety of Earth system science study areas including atmosphere, hydrology, soils, land cover and phenology. Since its inception 18 years ago, 1.5 million students and 58,000 trained teachers from 112 countries have participated in the GLOBE program. Together participants have contributed more than 100 million measurements to the GLOBE database––creating meaningful, standardized, global research-quality data sets that can be used in support of student and professional scientific research.

The SMAP Mission teams up with The GLOBE Program

SMAP Benefits from the partnership with GLOBE through the collection of "ground truth" measurements by GLOBE students. These measurements will contribute to the SMAP calibration and validation program. Additionally, SMAP will receive feedback from students on how soil moisture information provided by SMAP can be useful to their communities.

How can your school get involved with the SMAP-GLOBE Partnership?

You and your students can be part of the GLOBE Community and participate with SMAP.

Collect soil moisture data using the Gravimetric & Volumetric Soil Moisture Protocols. Your data collection, following the SMAP Block Pattern Field and Lab Guide, and reporting of data using the SMAP BLOCK Pattern data sheet to GLOBE is vital to NASA's SMAP mission.

Please visit the following pages on the GLOBE Program's website for more information:

SMAP-GLOBE Satellite-Partnership Overview Page

SMAP-GLOBE Members Page

SMAP-GLOBE Discussion Thread

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