Floods and Droughts

SMAP Data Used For Operational Drought Extent and Recovery Assessment

SMAP provides new capacity for effective flood monitoring and forecasts over Africa

Global Surface Soil Moisture Drydown Patterns

Global Flash Drought Monitoring Using SMAP Soil Moisture

Global Ecology and Agroecosystems

Crop Yields Tracked From SMAP Vegetation Water Content Retrievals

SMAP Measurements Can Enhance USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Soil Moisture Assessments

Moisture Pulse-Reserve in the Soil-Plant Continuum Observed Across Biomes

SMAP Freeze/Thaw Data Record Explains Year-to-Year Variations in Net Land Carbon Source/Sink

Soil respiration is strongly reducing the Arctic-boreal carbon sink for atmospheric CO

Recent Siberian heatwave increased spring CO2 uptake but not annual CO2 uptake

SMAP reveals widespread dryland productivity losses from the 2020 Southwest US hot drought

Ocean Applications

SMAP Radiometer Measurements Track Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Size

Land Soil Moisture and Gulf Salinity Dynamics Linked Through SMAP Measurements

SMAP Tracks Freshening During the 2014–2016 Northeast Pacific Warm Anomaly

How close to the ice edge can we retrieve sea surface salinity from SMAP?

Science Data Products

SMAP Products Ranks Best Out of 18 Satellite- and Model-based Research and Operational Products

SMAP Reveals Seasonal Cycle of Radio Frequency Interference in China

Evaluation of Three Global Soil Moisture Products Using Triple Collocation Shows SMAP Superior

Global Assessment of Added Value in the SMAP Level-4 Soil Moisture (L4_SM) Product

SMAP Soil Moisture Improves Determination of Global Evapotranspiration

Version 4 of the SMAP Level-4 Soil Moisture Algorithm and Data Product

Contribution of Gauge-Based Precipitation and SMAP Measurements to SMAP L4 Soil Moisture Product Skill

Multiscale Big Data Soil Moisture Fusion

Water and Energy Cycle

Landscape Water Balance Closure is Represented by the Combination of SMAP and GPM Data

Shifts in the Dominant Hydrologic Regimes Detected by SMAP

SMAP Enables First Observations-Driven Global Maps of Water Fluxes Over Land

SMAP Reveals How Soil Moisture Links the Water-Energy-Carbon Cycles

SMAP Observations of the Surface Reveal Hidden Subsurface Processes Below

The Budyko Relation from SMAP

The Elasticity of the Water Cycle under Climate Change

Soil Moisture Plays a Disproportionate Role in Global Water Cycle

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