The SMAP Tutorial is an informational hands-on demonstration package designed to educate users of various skills on SMAP mission applications and how to access and apply SMAP data products. The tutorial supplements other SMAP documentation such as the SMAP Handbook, Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBDs) and other resources and tools available at the SMAP DAACs (ASF and NSIDC).

The current version of the SMAP tutorial (lecture slides) is available as a pdf file. It is accompanied by a Notes document describing each slide. (SMAP science team members may obtain Powerpoint and Word versions of these documents from the contacts listed below.)

The tutorial package will be updated periodically. The most recent version of the hands-on tutorial component is available at the web site of the 4th SMAP Applications Workshop and Tutorial (held on April 4-5 2016).

SMAP tutorial presentations are currently scheduled at the following venues:


Narendra Das (
Erika Podest (

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