Cal Val Workshop
The SMAP Algorithms & Cal/Val Workshop was held June 9-11, 2009, at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Hotel & Resort, Oxnard, California. The workshop focused on SMAP Algorithms and Cal/Val.

The workshop provided a forum to review the project Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBDs) and Cal/Val plan, solicit input from experts in these areas, resolve key issues, and develop implementation plans. Approximately 1.5 days each were dedicated to the algorithms and Cal/Val topics.


During the formulation phase SMAP science activities include development of sensor and geophysical product algorithms and a Cal/Val plan. Related to these are a number of scientific issues that can benefit from resolution and review by the broad science community. Plans and decisions arising from community discussions of these issues have significance for identifying research needs and allocating resources.


List of Workshop Participants

Agenda & Presentations

Agenda Workshop presentations are posted below as available.

Introduction Session

Opening/Introduction T. Jackson/M. Moghaddam

Introduction/Mission Science E. Njoku

SMAP Mission Status K. Kellogg

SMAP Measurement System R. West

SMAP Science Data System T. Bicknell

Gridding/Projections & Algorithm Testbed
Status S. Dunbar

Algorithms Workshop Session

Algorithms Workshop Expectations M. Moghaddam

Level 1 Radiometer D. Hudson

Level 1 Radar R. West

Level 3 40 km Soil Moisture P. ONeill

Level 3 Hi-Res Soil Moisture J. van Zyl

Level 3 A/P Soil Moisture N. Das

Level 3 Freeze/Thaw K. McDonald

Level 4 Soil Moisture R. Reichle

Level 4 Carbon J. Kimball

Algorithm Short Presentations A. Freeman/R. Bindlish/T. Holmes/
R. Lang/B. Hornbuckle/L. Li/J. Shi/
L. Tsang/A. Tabatabaeenejad/Y. Du/
X. Xu/T. Zhang/Z. Haddad

Summary M. Moghaddam

Cal/Val Workshop Session

Cal/Val Workshop Expectations T. Jackson

Overview of Draft SMAP Cal/Val Plan T. Jackson/J. Kimball

L1 Algorithm Requirements/Short Presentations J. Piepmeier/R. West/
E. Kim/M. Brogioni

L3-L4 Algorithm Requirements P. ONeill/J. Shi/
N. Das/J. Kimball

In Situ Network Data Acquisition & Integration T. Jackson

USDA/NRCS Soil-Climate Monitoring Networks G. Schaeffer

US Climate Reference Network (USCRN) T. Wilson

The Oklahoma Mesonet J. Basara

USDA/ARS Watersheds M. Cosh

The COSMOS Network M. Zreda

Soil Moisture Sensing Using GPS Receivers E. Small

In Situ Testbed M. Cosh

Methodologies for Scaling J. Famiglietti

Ground Validation Using Temporal Stability M. Cosh

Soil Moisture Physical Controls and Time Stability B. Mohanty

Role of Land Surface Modeling W. Crow

In Situ Networks & Scaling/Short
A. Robock/S. Steele-Dunne/
J. Basara/W. Crow/
M. Moghaddam/M. Brogioni

Design of Optimal Validation Sites T. Jackson/J. Kimball

Satellite Resources and Role in SMAP Cal/Val T. Jackson/J. Kimball

SMOS-SMAP Synergisms Y. Kerr

Aquarius D. LeVine

JAXAs Contributions T. Koike

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