Notes from the Field - Week 2

Field teams had another successful week despite the weather still not living up to Manitoba’s famous warm sunny summers. The question on everybody’s mind is not if it is going to rain tomorrow but when?

Week 2 contained two full soil sample day efforts, four vegetation collection days, the completion of the roughness campaign, the structure team beginning their third round of measurements and the forestry team making significant progress. Way to go team!

And if the rain wasn’t enough to keep crews out of fields, a number of teams had a strong willed crop duster literally chase them out of some SMAPVEX sites. On the only sunny day field teams were not alone trying to get some much needed work done. Of the 55 Ag-land sites, aerial crop spraying was being conducted on 7 project fields. If nothing else some field staff got a little unexpected exercise.

We will be ending week 2 with a treat from our flight crew with an aircraft open house on Wednesday June 20th. Field teams will be able to see the Twin Otter International plane and the PALS instrument they have been working so hard to collect data for.

Here’s to sunny skies for week 3.

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