October 16, 2012 - October 17, 2012


USGS National Center,
12201 Sunrise Valley Dr.,
Reston, VA
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Workshop Goals

  • Identify a large target audience for multi-sensor hydrology data
  • Understand user requirements for using soil moisture and other NASA data in various fields of hydrology
  • Merge mission data in order to leverage research in hydrology and water management
  • Identify data models and research where SMAP, GPM, GRACE-FO and SWOT can help address climate and hydrology policy questions
  • Promote Early Adopter research and collaboration opportunities

Final Agenda (PDF, 1.1 MB)


Day 1

1. Hydrology applications joint missions tutorial for SMAP with GPM, GRACE-FO & SWOT (Brad Doorn, NASA HQ)
4. Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission (Dara Entekhabi, MIT)
5. Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission (Gail Skofronick-Jackson, GSFC)
6. Overview of the GRACE mission and hydrological applications (Matt Rodell, GSFC)
7. SWOT mission overview (Doug Alsdorf, Ohio State Univ.)
8. Satellite-based river flow forecasting in international river basins (Faisal Hossein, Tennessee Tech. Univ.)
9. Monitoring evapotranspiration(ET) from irrigated lands using satellite imagery (Dean Hively, USGS) (PDF, 2.62 MB)
10. Radars for measuring surface-water velocity and streamflow (John Fulton, USGS)
11. Integrating multiple data sources for continental scale watershed modeling (Roland Viger, USGS) (PDF, 8.26 MB)
12. Use of remotely sensed data to determine channel bathymetry (Paul Kinzel, USGS) (PDF, 5.98 MB)

Day 2

1. The Early Adopter program, purpose and structure (V. Escobar, GSFC)
2. SMAP data products (Barry Weiss, JPL)
3. GPM data products (Erich Stocker, GSFC)
4. GRACE FO products (Felix Landerer, JPL)
5. Mission system, data processing and products (Phil Callahan, JPL)
7. Enabling GPM- and SMAP-based land data assimilation at AFWA, USACE, USGS, and NOAA with the Land Information System (Christa Peters-Lidard, GSFC) (PDF, 4.14 MB)
8. Mobility and hydrology modeling and application development for SMAP Early Adopter program (John Eylander, U.S. Army)
9. Application of river elevations (from SWOT and models using GPM, SMAP, GRACE) in global flood hazard assessments (Ed Beighley, FM Global)
10. Impact of soil moisture state on meteorological and hydrological forecasts (Randal Koster, GSFC)
11. Land emissivity needs for GPM retrievals over land (Karen Mohr, GSFC)
12. "Real-time" storm tide monitoring and mapping (Robert Mason, USGS)

Please fill out the Workshop Survey (DOCX, 78 KB) and return to Vanessa Escobar (email below).