November 4, 2013 - November 6, 2013


Sheraton Pasadena Hotel,
Pasadena, CA
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The workshop focused on plans for calibration and validation (Cal/Val) of SMAP science data products. The workshop provided a forum for scientists from around the world to participate in implementing the SMAP Cal/Val plan, exchanging expert information and resolving key issues.

The SMAP Cal/Val Plan addresses pre- and post-launch Cal/Val activities undertaken to ensure the generation of high quality products and definitive validation of the products. At previous Cal/Val workshops, science community involvement and activities were initiated to support SMAP Cal/Val objectives. These activities included plans for field campaigns, development of tower and aircraft-based simulators, and methods for integrating and applying the diverse in situ resources available for validation.

At the 4th Cal/Val Workshop, results to date were reviewed and plans developed to focus on the post-launch phase of Cal/Val (including product levels L1-L4). A specific objective of the workshop was a review of Cal/Val Rehearsal Phase-I that took place in June-August 2013. (Cal/Val Rehearsal Phase-II is planned for May/June 2014.) The rehearsals are designed to exercise the acquisition, integration, and application of all Cal/Val elements in order to identify and ameliorate issues prior to the actual post-launch Cal/Val. Continued participation in SMAP Cal/Val activities by the broad science community is of importance to the SMAP mission.

Meeting agenda (PDF, 344 KB)


Day 1

1. Introduction, Rehearsals, Cal/Val Partners (Tom Jackson, USDA/ARS) (PDF, 1.93 MB)
2. Project Status (Kent Kellogg, Simon Yueh, JPL / Dara Entekhabi, MIT)
3. Review of Rehearsal 1 Activities (Andreas Colliander, JPL) (PDF, 1.84 MB)
4. L2/L3_SM_P and Rehearsal 1 (Steven Chan, JPL) (PDF, 1.12 MB)
5. L2/L3_SM_AP and Rehearsal 1 (Narendra Das, JPL) (PDF, 1.86 MB)
6. L2/L3_SM_A and Rehearsal 1 (Seungbum Kim, JPL) (PDF, 1.39 MB)
7. L4_SM and Rehearsal 1 (Rolf Reichle, GSFC) (PDF, 2.78 MB)
8. L4_C and Rehearsal 1 (Yonghong Yi, U. Montana) (PDF, 1.99 MB)
9. ARS Watersheds (Michael Cosh, USDA/ARS) (PDF, 5 MB)
10. SoilSCAPE (Mahta Moghaddam, USC) (PDF, 2.83 MB)
11. Valencia (Ernesto Lopez-Baeza, U. Valencia) (PDF, 5.6 MB)
12. Mexico (Judith Ramos, U. Mexico) (PDF, 938 KB)
13. Finnish Meteorological Institute (Timo Ryyppo, FMI) (PDF, 1.85 MB)
14. RISMA (Heather McNairn, AAFC) (PDF, 1.57 MB)
15. Kenaston (Aaron Berg, U. Guelph) (PDF, 3.4 MB)
16. Twente and Tibet (Bob Su, U. Twente) (PDF, 4 MB)
17. CREST-SMART (Tarendra Lakhendar, NOAA-CREST) (PDF, 3.31 MB)
18. EURAC (Claudia Notarnicola, EURAC) (PDF, 3.52 MB)

Day 2

1. Project Level 1 Cal/Val Plan Overview (Michael Spencer, JPL)
2. Level 1 Cal/Val In-Orbit Checkout (Adam Freedman, JPL)
3. Radiometer Cal/Val Activities (Ed Kim, GSFC)
4. Radar Cal/Val Activities (Richard West, JPL)
5. Radiometer Cal/Val Studies (Sidharth Misra, JPL) (PDF, 1.09 MB)
6. Dome-C Aircraft Experiment (Niels Skou, DTU) (PDF, 2.52 MB)
7. Aquarius-SMOS Inter-Cal Working Group Status (David LeVine, GSFC)
8. Inter-comparison of Aquarius and SMOS TB Observations (Rajat Bindlish, ARS/USDA) (PDF, 1.93 MB)
9. Aquarius Radar Inter-Calibration (Alex Fore, JPL) (PDF, 2.3 MB)
10. MOISST (Michael Cosh, ARS/USDA) (PDF, 2.56 MB)
11. U.S. CRN (Jesse Bell, NOAA) (PDF, 3.38 MB)
12. Oklahoma Mesonet (Jeff Basara, U. Oklahoma) (PDF, 2.73 MB)
13. NEON (Ed Ayres, NEON) (PDF, 1.57 MB)
14. Canadian Freeze/Thaw Initiative (Stephan Belair, Environment Canada) (PDF, 1.08 MB)
15. Soil Moisture Measurements in Vietnam (Doan Minh Chung, Vietnam Academy of Science & Technology) (PDF, 2.69 MB)
16. SMAPVEX12 Archives (Andreas Colliander, JPL))
17. ComRAD (Peggy O'Neill, GSFC)) (PDF, 2.01 MB)
18. Future Field Campaigns (Tom Jackson, ARS/USDA) (PDF, 1.84 MB)

Day 3

1. Triple Collocation and Sparse Networks (Wade Crow, ARS/USDA)
2. Scaling Exercise over South Fork, IA (Evan Coopersmith, ARS/USDA) (PDF, 2.54 MB)
3. Rehearsal 2 Objectives (Tom Jackson, ARS/USDA) (PDF, 655 KB)
4. Rehearsal 2 Plans: Scope, Roles and Responsibilities (Simon Yueh, JPL)
5. Rehearsal 2 Plans: L1 (Michael Spencer, JPL)
6. Rehearsal 2 Plans: L2-L4 Algorithms (Scott Dunbar, JPL) (PDF, 654 KB)
7. Rehearsal 2 Plans: L2-L4 Data Assessment (Andreas Colliander, JPL) (PDF, 710 KB)
8. Rehearsal 2 Plans: Science Data System (Barry Weiss, JPL)


1. SoilSCAPE SMAP and AirMOSS Cal/Val Network (Mahta Moghaddam et al., USC)
2. Cal/Val Activities for SMAP Mission: Indian Initiatives (Sat Kumar et al., IISC)
3. Understanding Interrelationships between Natural Heterogeneity and Soil Moisture to Improve L2 Soil Moisture Validation Products (Nandita Gaur et al., Texas A&M)
4. Development of Genetic Algorithm based Hidden Markov Model for Root Zone Soil Moisture Predictions (Yongchui Shin et al., Texas A&M)
5. Estimating Effective Root Zone Soil Moisture and Its Uncertainty using Multi-Model Simulation Approach Based on Bayesian Model Averaging (Jonggun Kim et al., Texas A&M)
6. Soil Moisture Retrieval of Microwave Images of Argentine Sites: Fieldwork Strategies for Testing Hypothesis (Haydee Karszenbaum et al., IAFE)
7. Cal/Val of SMAP for the Retrieval of Soil Moisture and the Application to Environmental Modeling in Kuwait (Hala K. Jassar et al., Kuwait U.)
8. A Potential Problem for SMAP in the Cornbelt of the United States Revealed by SMOS (Brian Hornbuckle et al., Iowa State)
9. Sources of Uncertainty Affecting Satellite Cal/Val from In-Situ Soil Moisture Monitoring Networks (Justin Adams et al., U. Guelph)
10. Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange in Sodankyla Scots Pine Forest (Mika Aurela et al., FMI)
11. Soil Moisture Data In Situ Acquisition and Its Spatiability (Judith Ramos et al., U. Mexico)
12. The North American Soil Moisture Database (Steven M. Quiring et al., Texas A&M)

Dr. Tom Jackson
USDA ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Lab
Beltsville, MD 20705

Dr. Andreas Colliander
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, CA 91109